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u know what i just thought of 

when bucky had to pull off the widows bite from his metal arm it was still discharging. which means all that voltage was going through his body and he didn’t even flinch. he didn’t even move. he didn’t even give any indication that he was in pain.

and that would’ve hurt ok no matter what he’s been through that would’ve fucking hurt that sent a trained assassin to the ground and knocked her out cold

but bucky just ripped it off and went on his way

i’m really fuckin sad now


remember that time the mcu had a complex, multi-faceted, morally ambiguous poc character steeped in social allegory and the fandom reduced him to ‘motherfucker’ jokes and pulp fiction references



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Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important


The other reason for introducing Wilson so early in the film was that they wanted him to appear before any conspiracy elements started showing up, helping to show the character as trustworthy, allowing Rogers to seek his help in the middle of the movie.”

There were debates about whether Rogers should have a romance with Romanoff, but they opted not to do it because it would sell out both characters. In particular, they felt that if that happened, it would appear that the only reason to have Black Widow in the film was as a love interest, and there was so much more her character could offer the story.”

out of all the marvel affiliates i only truly trust the russo brothers

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